Emerging Threats: Vehicles and Edged Weapons

Many in America despise the firearm and do their best to trample on our freedoms through an incessant campaign against the Second Amendment.  Yet, the pro-gun and pro-freedom factions of this nation continue to strengthen.  One reason that so many have turned on the absurd rhetoric of gun control is the fact that many “active... Continue Reading →

Combatives: Training Considerations

The firearm is absolutely the most effective tool of personal defense available to mankind that can be carried hidden on the body and any other such option is inferior.  It is that simple.  If you want to be able to protect yourself then carry a handgun.  If you are in a state that does not... Continue Reading →

Individual Responsibility: A Lost Concept

When an individual hurts another, or perhaps many others, it is not the fault of that person; it is society’s fault, or the government’s fault, or some ideological or religious affiliation’s fault.  It is not, however, the fault of the individual who actually did the deed.  Does that sound like an absurd statement?  Well, we... Continue Reading →

AAR: Ground Fighting with Greg Ellifritz

In February of 2017 I had the privilege of taking Greg Ellifritz's excellent Ground Fighting course.  I have much more training in striking and standing combatives than in any work on the ground, so this seemed like a good way to get started in that discipline.  The class was truly excellent and I certainly recommend... Continue Reading →

Carry Guns

People always ask “what do you carry?”  This is common since as gun people we are all to a greater or lesser extent into gear.  First, a reminder: the gear we carry is vitally important, but your mindset, your tactics, and your skills, are far more important.  Don’t be that person who is a hobbyist... Continue Reading →

Only What Hits Close to Home

I find it entirely absurd how, since the election of a particular individual, a significant amount of people from the left-leaning political spectrum are now arming themselves, and even suggesting that their political peers arm themselves, in order to protect their own lives from the alt-right Nazis who are apparently getting all uppity since said... Continue Reading →

I Only Carry When….

I have heard this many times: “I only carry when I am going to a bad part of town.”  Or, “I only carry when I am doing so-and-so and I might need my gun.”  So, in other words, aside from these perceived high risk environments or tasks you don’t carry.  This is a significant problem,... Continue Reading →

Civilian Specific Doctrine

Within the world of tactics, training, and even gear, there tends to be three demographics: military, law enforcement, and civilian.  Civilian, in this context, refers to armed citizens.  Even law enforcement officers and military members are, of course, civilian when out of uniform or off duty.  Most civilians who go armed are, of course, not... Continue Reading →

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