Book Release: 21st Century Minute Man Now Published

So, I finally published a book that I actually finished writing almost two years ago.  For some reason, I procrastinated on actually publishing it, but I finally did.  The irony is that the book was almost compete before the pandemic of 2020 set in.  In a post-COVID world preparedness books seem to be a bit more in vogue, but I did not modify the content in the wake of Covid.  Rather, the pandemic simply proved that an overall preparedness plan needs to be flexible.  Civil unrest is nothing new, nor is economic instability, nor are pandemics.

The book is entitled 21st Century Minute Man: A Guide to Personal Protection and Self-Reliance in Contemporary America.

I wrote this over the course of several years, working on it when I felt inspired to do so.  I can’t explain why I sat on it for so long before publishing it, but better late than never I suppose.

For those of you who read my writing on this blog and elsewhere, I can tell you that you may find several elements in this work that are out of the ordinary for prepper books, of which there are quite a few good ones.  For one thing, I delve into some detail about the evolution of the contemporary preparedness community and the events that have fostered it.  This book gives equal treatment to self-defense and overall preparedness, as the two are intimately and necessarily related. 

There should be something enlightening and entertaining for everyone, newcomers to preparedness and personal protection, and seasoned pros alike. While many preparedness books talk about all the gear you need to survive a Mad Max world, this work is a little different. While prepping for such an eventuality is certainly within the scope of this material, prepping for violence and chaos as happens in the here and now are extensively analyzed.

If you find yourself at ground zero at the next active shooter attack, would it not be worth knowing what the history of such attacks has taught us? Could you recognize the difference between the more-common active killer attack and the less-common, but often more complex, ideology inspired terrorist attack? How can you tell the difference and what should be done differently? Answers to such questions warrant giving this book a read.

I hope you enjoy.  If you do pick up a copy, please write a review.  While I am new to the Amazon publishing world, I have heard that reviews make all the difference! 

You can buy a hard copy or Kindle version of the book here: 21ST Century Minute Man

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