Wedging Holsters

The use of wings, or what is often called a claw, on holsters designed for appendix position carry, have been an absolute game changer in concealment as these devices draw the grip into the body, thus greatly aiding concealment.  Another tool that has long been used to enhance AIWB concealment is wedging, which typically involves... Continue Reading →

The Deep Concealment Quandary

Wearing tools of personal protection is not very difficult to do when wearing casual clothing such as jeans and a T-shirt, or jeans and a sweater or jacket, etc…, but formal clothing, or gym shorts, make such carry much more challenging.  While wearing jeans and an un-tucked shirt I carry a compact pistol and that... Continue Reading →

Another Option for Carrying Medical

Several weeks back I ran an article on carrying medical gear.  In that article I showed my methods for actually carrying this gear on-body.  I always have a Soft-T Wide tourniquet in my pocket, but when doing activities that are more dangerous than usual I have an ankle kit that carries a tourniquet, packing gauze,... Continue Reading →

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