Defending Property: No

Under the American system of law you cannot use lethal force, or potentially lethal force, to protect property, period.  The most common form of this seems to be in connection with automobile theft.  Thug tries to steel a citizen’s vehicle, citizen intervenes, thug ends up dead.  Well, even if found and ruled justified after the... Continue Reading →

Smaller is Often Better

Firearms instructors get hung up on encouraging people to “carry as much gun as possible.”  Arguably, a full-size pistol beats a micro gun if actually needed in a fight, but the primary reason behind this constant drone is the simple fact that most people shoot a full-size gun better than a small gun.  Firearms instructors... Continue Reading →

Keep it Close to Home

The concept of limiting who you are willing to protect by inserting yourself into a violent confrontation is nothing new.  Well over twenty years ago the instructor for my concealed carry course (in a state that mandated a full day course that primarily focused on legalities) suggested that the concealed carrier “keep it close to... Continue Reading →

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