Another School Tragedy: Some Considerations

Anti-gun leftists have, as usual, hijacked today's mass shooting at a high school to push their agenda for civilian disarmament.  We all know what to expect: cries for congress to implement an assault weapons ban and universal background checks.  Neither will do a damn thing to prevent the next attack, but both will handsomely trample... Continue Reading →

The European Mindset on Guns

I was in Brussels when I noticed it.  Fabulous city, great place to visit, I was there on business.  Over the course of the week I walked all over that city to get the feel for it after the day in the office. I noticed a significant cultural difference between Belgium and my homeland: there... Continue Reading →

The Remora Gen II Clipless Holster

I have written several articles here and elsewhere on the use of clipless holsters.  These holsters rely on an outer material that clings to clothing and with adequate waistband retention they stay in place without relying on an apparatus to actually clip onto the belt as does a traditional holster.  I use traditional IWB holsters... Continue Reading →

Why Do Leftists Hate Masculinity?

Feminists, the women who wear those funny pink hats and carry signs, apparently hate "toxic masculinity."  Ever wonder why?  Here is the real reason why.  Of course, if you read this blog you probably already knew this.  Check out my article at American Thinker on the subject.  Oh, and if you wonder why this is... Continue Reading →

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