Should You Intervene? Active Killer Incidents

Understanding Criminal Activity in your Environment

You Are on Your Own

Who Should Know that you Carry Concealed?

Knowledge of Self-Defense Law

Explaining Lethal Force Misconceptions

Why the Handgun?

Body Language

The Acceptance that Violence can Touch You

If/Then Visualization

Know your Gun’s Limitation

Mindset is the First Step in Self-Defense

The Conversation on Self-Defense

Commit to Carrying your Handgun

The Appropriate Demeanor

Use of Force: The Necessary Will

Proactive Situational Awareness


Rule 4 in Real Life

Pre-emtive Force: Considerations

Carjacking: Defensive Tactics

Proactive Awareness in Transitional Spaces

Mobility and Concealment

Threat Analysis: Judging Body Language

Terrorism: Personal Decisions

The Element of Surprise

Stand Your Ground: Retreat Anyway

Detection: Early Warning Systems

Using Ride Share Services Safely

Should You Announce Your Presence?

Let Them Come to You: The Winning Strategy

Dealing with Road Rage

Concealment is a Verb: Re-holster

Strategies for Concealed Carry While Driving

Home Defense Considerations for Civil Unrest

Changing Tactics and Gear for the New Normal

Reconsidering the Backup Gun

Defense Against Animals

Prudence in Defending Home and Property

Limited Police Response

Riots and Civil Unrest: 5 Tools

Carry During Protests

Brandishing and Assualt

Innocence and Proportionality

Vehicle Defense

Tools in Front of the Hips

Stay Armed and Avoid Trouble

Proactively Detecting Danger

6 Reasons to Carry a Light

The Importance of Ammo Capacity

Pistol Dimensions and Conceal-ability

Choosing a Gun Belt

Defensive Ammunition – Legal Considerations

Misconceptions on Stand your Ground

Concealed Carry Discretion

Armed on Vacation

Handgun Options for the Challenged

Disarming and Re-Arming in Public

Handling the Police Response

Weapon Access

Don’t Chase Criminals

Off-Body Carry Considerations

Dealing with Rust on a Carry Gun

How to Store Home Defense Weapons

Strategies for Carrying Medical Gear

Home Defense: Answering the Door

Self-Defense in the Great Outdoors

Staying Armed in Restricted States

Defending Strangers: Legal and Practical Consideration

Rounding Corners and Using Obstacles

Mob Violence: Considerations

Flying with a Handgun

Does Printing Really Matter?

Barrier Penetration: A Concern for Armed Citizens

Magazine Management

Using Taxis and Car Services Safely

Safety when Entering and Exiting the Home

Home Carry Strategies

Protecting your Family in Crowded Environments

De-escalation: An Essential Skill

Verbal Communication: A Critical Defensive Skill

Grey Man Tactics when Traveling

Vehicle Tactics: Protecting your Children

The Knife for the Gun Carrier

Alternate Concealment Modes

Active Killer Considerations

Pepper Spray

Clothing Choice

Essential Self-Defense Law Part III

Essential Self-Defense Law Part II

Essential Self-Defense Law Part I

Guns in the Home


Tool Location

Mitigate Pre-ignition Push

The Surreptitious Draw

Aggressive Dogs: Dealing with the Threat

Accuracy in Defensive Shooting

Single Hand Shooting

Advising New Gun Owners on Training

The Need for Combatives Skills

Lateral Movement

Training the Draw from Realistic Start Positions

An Introduction to Ankle Carry

Practice with Inert Weapons

Staying Consistent with Deep Concealment

Revolver Skills for the Auto Shooter

Practice All of the Draw Strokes

Force on Force Training

Trigger Reset

Stress Inoculation

A Suggested Training Track

Draw and Don’t Shoot

Handing a Gun to Others

Safely Coaching New Shooters

Shooting Small: The Demand for Accuracy

Re-holstering Safely

Shooting on the Move

Can you Fix your Gun?

Night Sights vs. Fiber Optics

Shooting from the Ground

Shooting from the Seated Position

Stand Like you Fight: Shooting Stance

Test Your Carry Holster

Train with One Gun

Shooting Compact Pistols

Ready Positions for Reality

Single-hand Pistol Manipulation

Shooting at Distance

Shooting Around Cover

The Necessity of Training Standards

Training VS. Practice

Carry Mode Consistency

The Four Rules are for Fighting

Shooting Small Handguns

Counter-Assualts and Caging Up

Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility

Non-Confrontational Stance: An Essential Defensive Skill

Revolver Reloads: Using Speed Strips

Making Competition Part of your Training

Proportional Force: Determining Lethal or Less-Lethal Response

Going Armed: Traveling with Firearms

Press Check: Know Your Weapon’s Status

Expanding your Game: Ground Fighting

Secure On-Body Carry

Low Light Shooting

Reality of the Reload

Avoid the Carry Rotation

Building the Complete Package

The Draw


The Concealed Carry Backpack

Rifle for Neighborhood Defense

Carrying Pistols with No Belt

The Handgun Remains the Primary

Modern Micro 9s

Home Defense Gear Beyond the Gun

The Benefits of Polymer Pistols

Advising First Time Gun Buyers

Three Firearms for Emergency Preparation

Double Action Pistols Still Relevant?

Pistol Caliber Carbines

Autos vs. Revolvers for Deep Concealment

Tuck-able Holsters

AR15 Pistols: Legality and Practicality

Do You Need an Active Retention Holster?

Point of Impact: Choosing the Right Ammunition

Edged Weapons: Legality and Practicality

The Mid-Size Revolver as a House Gun

Body Armor for Home Defense

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Holsters

Night Sights: Useful or Unnecessary?

Why you Need a Pocket Gun

No Clip Holsters

An Argument for the Double-Stack Compact

Is the Snub Enough Gun?

Setting up a Dedicated House Gun

Prioritize your Defensive Firearms

Carrying Medical Gear

Using a Common Handgun Platform

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 Review

Defensive Tools for All Environments

Three Primary Defensive Firearms

Selecting a Carry Gun

Less-Lethal Options II

Less-Lethal Options I

What Should I Carry

The 38 Snub


We Fight Two Fights: Second Amendment Rights

Defending the Second Amendment: An Action Plan

Guns in schools

The History of Concealed Carry in the United States

The Second Amendment: The Left’s Most Obvious Contempt for Freedom

Individual Responsibility: The True Divide on the Second Amendment

Is Arming Schoolteachers a Good Idea?

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