Who Should Know that you Carry Concealed?

Knowledge of Self-Defense Law

Explaining Lethal Force Misconceptions

Why the Handgun?

Body Language

The Acceptance that Violence can Touch You

If/Then Visualization

Know your Gun’s Limitation

Mindset is the First Step in Self-Defense

The Conversation on Self-Defense

Commit to Carrying your Handgun

The Appropriate Demeanor

Use of Force: The Necessary Will

Proactive Situational Awareness


Disarming and Re-Arming in Public

Handling the Police Response

Weapon Access

Don’t Chase Criminals

Off-Body Carry Considerations

Dealing with Rust on a Carry Gun

How to Store Home Defense Weapons

Strategies for Carrying Medical Gear

Home Defense: Answering the Door

Self-Defense in the Great Outdoors

Staying Armed in Restricted States

Defending Strangers: Legal and Practical Consideration

Rounding Corners and Using Obstacles

Mob Violence: Considerations

Flying with a Handgun

Does Printing Really Matter?

Barrier Penetration: A Concern for Armed Citizens

Magazine Management

Using Taxis and Car Services Safely

Safety when Entering and Exiting the Home

Home Carry Strategies

Protecting your Family in Crowded Environments

De-escalation: An Essential Skill

Verbal Communication: A Critical Defensive Skill

Grey Man Tactics when Traveling

Vehicle Tactics: Protecting your Children

The Knife for the Gun Carrier

Alternate Concealment Modes

Active Killer Considerations

Pepper Spray

Clothing Choice

Essential Self-Defense Law Part III

Essential Self-Defense Law Part II

Essential Self-Defense Law Part I

Guns in the Home


Safely Coaching New Shooters

Shooting Small: The Demand for Accuracy

Re-holstering Safely

Shooting on the Move

Can you Fix your Gun?

Night Sights vs. Fiber Optics

Shooting from the Ground

Shooting from the Seated Position

Stand Like you Fight: Shooting Stance

Test Your Carry Holster

Train with One Gun

Shooting Compact Pistols

Ready Positions for Reality

Single-hand Pistol Manipulation

Shooting at Distance

Shooting Around Cover

The Necessity of Training Standards

Training VS. Practice

Carry Mode Consistency

The Four Rules are for Fighting

Shooting Small Handguns

Counter-Assualts and Caging Up

Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility

Non-Confrontational Stance: An Essential Defensive Skill

Revolver Reloads: Using Speed Strips

Making Competition Part of your Training

Proportional Force: Determining Lethal or Less-Lethal Response

Going Armed: Traveling with Firearms

Press Check: Know Your Weapon’s Status

Expanding your Game: Ground Fighting

Secure On-Body Carry

Low Light Shooting

Reality of the Reload

Avoid the Carry Rotation

Building the Complete Package

The Draw


Pistol Caliber Carbines

Autos vs. Revolvers for Deep Concealment

Tuck-able Holsters

AR15 Pistols: Legality and Practicality

Do You Need an Active Retention Holster?

Point of Impact: Choosing the Right Ammunition

Edged Weapons: Legality and Practicality

The Mid-Size Revolver as a House Gun

Alien Gear ShapeShift Backpack Holster Review

Body Armor for Home Defense

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Holsters

Night Sights: Useful or Unnecessary?

Why you Need a Pocket Gun

No Clip Holsters

An Argument for the Double-Stack Compact

Review of the Alien Gear ShapeShift

Is the Snub Enough Gun?

Setting up a Dedicated House Gun

Prioritize your Defensive Firearms

Carrying Medical Gear

Using a Common Handgun Platform

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 Review

Defensive Tools for All Environments

Three Primary Defensive Firearms

Selecting a Carry Gun

Less-Lethal Options II

Less-Lethal Options I

What Should I Carry

The 38 Snub


Defending the Second Amendment: An Action Plan

Guns in schools

The History of Concealed Carry in the United States

The Second Amendment: The Left’s Most Obvious Contempt for Freedom

Individual Responsibility: The True Divide on the Second Amendment

Is Arming Schoolteachers a Good Idea?


Warrior Life: Mob Violence

Warrior Life: Shooting on the Move

Lions of Liberty: Fights, and the Second Amendment

In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival: Practical Gun Training

The Home Defense Show: Front Door Defense

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