CCX2 Interview with Kelly McCann

The CCX2 show started back for our third season last night and we kicked off the year with none other than Kelly McCann. For those of you who are around my age and were martial arts or shooting enthusiasts back in the 90s and early 2000s Kelly is probably a familiar entity. This was an... Continue Reading →

Safely Re-Holstering for AIWB

I have carried in the appendix position almost exclusively for quite some time now.  My primary reason for switching to AIWB was concealment, but upon making the switch I realized many other significant advantages, including the speed of the draw.  Before making this switch to exclusive appendix carry I often used the mode for many... Continue Reading →

Concealed Carry While Hunting

First, let me say that you must be cognizant of the laws in the jurisdiction where you hunt.  Some states, or some state or federal lands, etc…, have laws or ordinances that prohibit concealed carry while hunting in the field.  For the majority of the nation that is exempt from such stupidity, there is no... Continue Reading →

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