Review of the Ruger LCR

I have had a Ruger LCR for several years now and I have shot it quite a bit and carried it to a great extent.  The LCR has two tremendous attributes: first, it has, bar none, the absolute best factory trigger of all small frame revolvers.  Second, it is absurdly light.  At only 13.5 ounces... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Carrying a Revolver as a Primary

I think a double-stack full-size or compact autoloader is the weapon of personal protection in the 21st Century due to the nature of the threat we now face.  While still less common than average crime the possibility of facing multiple active shooters or terrorists now exists and having a handgun capable of offering at least... Continue Reading →

The Ruger SP101

I have a thing for revolvers.  I primarily carry a striker-fired double-stack 9mm handgun as I like having the capabilities of such a weapon when roaming a world so infested with evil.  However, I spend considerable time shooting and carrying revolvers as well.  The reason is two-fold.  First, there is a practicality issue: when I... Continue Reading →

Running the Snub: Consistency Required

I just spent five days at my folks' country place.  My father is an avid shooter.  In particular he is an exceptional revolver shooter.  His ability with the small-frame revolver and his extensive experience with it led me to see the merits of the platform in the first place.  Flying to his place for a... Continue Reading →

Training with the Snub

Due to my social commitments I often need to carry an exceedingly concealable firearm.  Therefore, I am essentially stuck with the uber-tiny 380 autos or the 38 Snub.    After much experimentation I am entirely in the 38 snub camp and it remains my small gun of choice.  It is small enough to conceal in any... Continue Reading →

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