Remora 2-in-1 Holsters

I have used Remora Holsters for a long time.  I use no-clip holsters of this sort exclusively for small revolvers due to their versatility, being able to go from a pocket to the waistband.  This versatility makes these sorts of holsters an ideal pairing with a deep concealment gun for use during beach vacations or other times where your dress and environment may change often.  I don’t use soft holsters with striker fired guns.  Many concealed carriers do, but I prefer these sorts of holsters exclusively for double-action guns, in particular, small revolvers.

A few years back I reviewed the Gen II remora holster and stated that the updated material was a huge improvement over the original material used in the first generation holsters.  I claimed in the past that Sticky holsters had better clinging ability and proved more secure than did first generation Remora holsters, but the second generation Remoras are better than Sticky holsters.  I have used a Gen II Remora exclusively for this role since getting it several years ago.

Remora recently sent me their 2 in 1 Revolver holster to get my thoughts on it.  This particular model is made from the same excellent Gen II material, but also incorporates a removable belt clip.  This, to my thinking, is a win-win.  One of the criticisms of such holsters is that they can fall out of the waistband.  I have specifically stated in the past that I only use such holsters with a belt anyway as to provide sufficient tension.  The clip adds another level of retention in this regard, but can easily be removed. 

For the way I use Remora holsters, I removed the clip and don’t even bother with it.  The clip is not needed when using this holster as a pocket solution, and the holster does not budge even inside-the-waistband without the clip as long as your belt tension is sufficient. 

I think this newest revolver holster is superior even to the Gen II holster I have from several years ago.  This holster is shaped a bit different and is slightly larger.  This different form factor accomplishes a better stability in the waistband.  My previous Remora never fell out of the waistband even once, but the grip of the gun would shift around a bit when carried in the AIWB position.  The different design of this holster, even without the entailed clip, has eliminated that movement.  This holster goes in the AIWB position and simply does not move at all.This latest Remora holster is great and as long as you use it with adequate retention, the best option being a belt, it will not move.  These holsters don’t provide the ability to re-holster one-handed as do solid holsters, and I prefer a belt-mounted solid holster as my primary carry solution with auto loaders.  However, for versatile carry on vacation or in other very casual settings, these serve a purpose, and the newest Remoras are the best of the breed. 

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