The Compromise Carry Gun, Again, Still

I am entirely in favor of carrying as much gun as possible.  A man should carry a real fighting pistol, just dress around the gun, etc…  However, when someone tells me that he or she only owns and carries full-size pistols, there are two possible conclusions: first, this individual might literally have no professional or social obligations that require formal dress, or, second, this person actually goes unarmed much of the time.  Those are the only two possibilities. 

Even if you are a person that does, indeed, never need to wear formal clothing, when you walk out at night to take the trash out and you are dressed in your sweats, do you strap on your full-sized pistol?  I doubt it.  But, if you have a small gun that can be put in the pocket for that run to the end of the driveway, then you are more likely to go armed.  There are many examples of people being accosted in their own driveway, so if you think that is being paranoid, you are mistaken.  Having a small gun in addition to your primary allows you to stay armed more often. 

Most of us that live in the real world will face times, at least occasionally, when we can’t carry our preferred “full-size” pistol.  During such times we need to embrace the compromise carry gun.  I have written about this many times but it is an extremely important subject worth revisiting yet again. 

This small compromise gun is often called the NPE (non-permissive environment) gun. I like the term “deep concealment gun.”  For myself, the small-frame revolver has been, and remains, my deep concealment option.  I am not a revolver enthusiast, and should I actually need the gun for social work I would far prefer to have my usual carry auto on me, but the deep concealment gun is a compromise gun that does not replace the primary carry gun, but replaces being unarmed; this is the concept that many fail to understand. 

The reality is, I don’t like practicing with my compromise gun, I find shooting a snub revolver taxing and unpleasant.  The capabilities of full-size or compact auto loaders are far superior.  However, there are many occasions where concealing the auto is almost impossible, but the snub disappears.  So, while I dislike the small compromise gun compared to the more capable primary gun, I certainly prefer it over being unarmed.  Obviously, that is the point of the compromise gun, and it is a whole lot more gun than no gun. 

My compromise gun lives primarily on a belly band so that it works well for concealment in formal clothing or in gym shorts and a t-shirt alike.  Having a small revolver with me when out for a jog, or when attending a formal function, is a lot better than being unarmed.  Also, having this gun to put in a pocket holster for the midnight walk to the end of the driveway makes sense.  This compromise gun also serves well in an ankle holster for the relatively rare occasion that I wear a backup gun.  The compromise gun is a multi-functional and versatile tool that proves essential to an armed lifestyle. 

If you find that you spend a lot of time not carrying because you can’t make your favored tool work, then acquiring and training with a deep concealment compromise gun should be on your to-do list. 

4 thoughts on “The Compromise Carry Gun, Again, Still

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  1. I enjoy your articles and how you convey your information and experiences directly. I am one of those people who truly carries a compact all year and often times 12 – 14 hours a day and do not leave home unarmed ever. I tired so many different guns and holsters over the last 16 plus years and finally found the system that lets me carry the gun I want a dress appropriately basketball shorts, jeans, three piece tailored suit. Same gun same holster same body position all accomplished by the phlster enigma and taking time to dial it in for me.


  2. I don’t carry a Ruger LCR but do carry a S&W mod 637-2 EDC, as it is a go everywhere firearm and shoots POA, if I do my part. There is nothing wrong with the small snub nose revolvers… it’s all in your mindset.


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