Review of the Vertx Clutch Runner’s Belt

My hunt for concealment solutions never ends.  I find deep concealment solutions particularly difficult to formulate, as most people probably do.  For the past several years my deep concealment solution has revolved around a Ruger LCR revolver in some kind of belly band.  Typical bands can be problematic, and the newer generation of belly bands that incorporate an actual kydex holster into the design work best.

Of late, I have been using the Vertx Clutch Runner’s belt and so far I like it a lot.  It is, essentially, a scaled down version of their regular Clutch Belt that is designed to be a rapidly-donned full battle belt that can be somewhat concealed under clothing.  The regular Clutch Belt offers many pockets that facilitate the placement of gear all around the waist, but the runner’s belt offers only three pockets as a scaled-down, lighter, and more concealable option.

I have the LCR holstered in a Concealment Express kydex holster that affixes securely into the pouch of the Vertx belt via Velcro, so this design allows you to utilize the holster of your choice.  I also have a Soft-T Wide tourniquet on the belt, and it fits perfectly into the center pocket if it is flat-packed.  In the third pouch I have a Speedbeez speedloader for the LCR, held in a speedloader holder that attaches to the pouch with Velcro, and I have a TDI LDK knife.  Also in the third pouch is a Streamlight Microstream light.  So, essentially, I have everything needed in this single, light weight, concealable waistband option.

The Vertx Clutch Runner’s Belt carrying a Ruger LCR, Soft-T Wide Tourniquet, Speedbeez speedloader, Streamlight Microstream light, and Ka Bar TDI LDK knife. Conceals under anything.

One of the true benefits of this setup over traditional belly bands is the fact that it allows you to use a standard holster.  My draw and deployment from this rig is far better than any other belly band solution I have ever used.  The draw is, essentially, the same as when wearing a kydex holster on the belt. 

This rig works good for deep concealment under a tucked-in shirt, and it works great as an exercise rig worn under gym shorts and shirt.  With a light-weight gun like the LCR it goes unnoticed when jogging, yet all defensive tools needed are on the waist.  The only aspect of the Runner’s belt that I don’t care much for is the attachment loop of the waistband.  It is very secure, but it proves a little slow to put on and take off.  However, after formulating a good technique for doing so I am now able to do either quite quickly.

Overall, I really like this solution, and only time will tell if the design provides the needed longevity.  I will report on such at some point in the future.

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