The Phlster Skeleton Gen 2 Holster

I am generally not a fan of minimalist holsters.  A well-designed full-size holster will add minimal bulk inside the waistband yet provide all of the benefits of a complete holster, like shielding the gun completely from your skin and facilitate the best possible draw and re-holster.  Still, I started looking around for a fully-functional holster... Continue Reading →

Review of the The ASP Key Defender

Roughly 80% of assaults each year are deemed less-lethal in nature, but most gun carriers feel that there is no need for a dedicated less-lethal weapon.  Go figure.  Just like your firearm, a less-lethal tool should be standard carry.  I don’t understand the dudes with long beards and sleeve tats that walk around with a... Continue Reading →

Review of the Ruger LCR

I have had a Ruger LCR for several years now and I have shot it quite a bit and carried it to a great extent.  The LCR has two tremendous attributes: first, it has, bar none, the absolute best factory trigger of all small frame revolvers.  Second, it is absurdly light.  At only 13.5 ounces... Continue Reading →

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