Emerging Threats: Vehicles and Edged Weapons

Many in America despise the firearm and do their best to trample on our freedoms through an incessant campaign against the Second Amendment.  Yet, the pro-gun and pro-freedom factions of this nation continue to strengthen.  One reason that so many have turned on the absurd rhetoric of gun control is the fact that many “active shooter” attacks have happened in the countries with the greatest firearms restrictions in the world.  Another phenomena that has awoken many naive people from their slumber is the realization that an evil individual who wants to commit mass murder will do so regardless of what tools are available.  The other noteworthy aspect: when nobody present is armed the attack goes on longer and costs more lives, but when an armed defender with a gun is present these rampages are cut short.

Yet another terrorist sicko, this time in London, this past week used two devices that have become more common: a vehicle and an edged weapon.  So, do the anti-gunners propose cracking down on cars and kitchen knives?  Of course not.  Guns give a people the means of ensuring their own freedom from tyranny, not cars or knives, and we all know that is the only reason the antis have it in for firearms.  Anyway, as a concealed carrier you probably have given some thought to what you would do in an active shooter situation since that is a well-established scenario at this point.  But have you thought about what to do in the event of a vehicle attack or edged weapon attack, or as in this case, both?

My first observation concerning vehicle attacks is simply this: pay attention to what is going on around you.  If in a large crowd try to stay away from the roadways.  Even if they are closed to traffic to accommodate an event take note of the barricades being used.  Most of the time it will not be a barrier that will actually stop a vehicle.  Situational awareness has no equal.  If in a crowd with your children be sure to have them close by so that you can grab them and get out of the way of a vehicle attack or any other such scenario.  If possible, position yourself in the vicinity where you would have some protection.  Obviously a vehicle can plow through many types of obstacles, but often there is a reasonable difference between standing around right on the sidewalk adjacent to the street and positioning yourself in an area where you would at least have time to react to such an attack.

If facing a vehicle attack the first priority is to get you and yours clear of the oncoming vehicle.  If you have the opportunity to shut down the vehicle with your handgun the only means of doing that, of course, is to take out the driver.  Easier said than done if the vehicle is moving.  If the vehicle at any time slows down, and it is clear that you are witnessing a vehicle attack, killing the driver through the side window may be more viable than trying to shoot through the front windshield of an oncoming car.

If the threat emerges with an edged weapon, as we have seen transpire in several incidents now, there is no need to hesitate, especially if the individual has just been in the process of trying to kill people with his vehicle.  Don’t fall into the “hierarchy of lethality” bullshit of thinking he is not that dangerous because he only has a knife.  If he has tried hitting people with his vehicle, then emerges with knife in hand, shoot him to the ground.  Don’t wait for him to stab someone so that you have yet more proof of his intentions.

Of course, as we all know, most of these attacks happen in gun free utopias like London or our own like California or New Jersey, so if you live in one of the Free States this is less likely to happen as terrorists prefer slaughtering helpless people rather than getting into gunfights.  But if it does and you are present and armed, which I hope you are if you live in a Free State, I hope you will give the world another example of how Free Americans deal with this phenomena.  Leave the gun control and sheep like behavior to the Europeans and the California liberals, they are good at it.

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