Black Rifles: Tools of Freedom, Thus Vilified by the Left

With a Republican now in the White House tens of millions of law abiding gun owners are relieved to not be under constant attack from at least that particular governmental entity.  Regardless, according to the left, the AR15 and similar black rifles are tools of mass destruction favored by active shooters and this absurd outcry will continue.  For those of you that don’t fall for such an agenda you know that such rifles are no more lethal in the hands of mass killers than are handguns.  In fact, many of the most lethal mass attacks have been committed with handguns including Virginia Tech and Luby’s Café.  You see, when murdering unarmed and helpless people it does not matter what weapon the killer is using.  However, what the black rifle does much better than the handgun is defend against a tyrannical government and keep the Constitution intact.  That is why leftists don’t want you to have one.

Per the FBI’s crime stats for the year 2013, the year of the big “assault weapons ban” push in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, there were 12,253 murders committed with a weapon.  8,454 of those murders were committed with a firearm.  Of that, 5,782 were committed with handguns.  No surprise there, of course.  But, the average suburbanite keeps a handgun in the closet for home defense and there are over 15 million individuals with a concealed carry permit as of this writing.  The Left does not pursue handguns so aggressively since they have too much support to get any traction and the misinformed voting base that supports any sort of gun control finds black rifles scarier.  Besides, the handgun can’t topple oppressive regimes, but populations with rifles have been doing so for a long time, so leftists have their priorities straight concerning the weapon class they target for regulation and, ultimately, confiscation.

Continuing on with the numbers we find that 285 murders were committed with a rifle of any kind, not just AR15s.  Here are the stats I find noteworthy: 428 murders were committed with blunt objects and 1,490 were committed with cutting instruments.  687 people were murdered with hands, fists, and feet.  So, let’s analyze this: almost twice as many people were murdered with hammers, baseball bats, and the like, as were murdered with any sort of rifle, let alone just “assault rifles.”  Over five times as many people were murdered with cutting objects than with any sort of rifle.  Almost two and a half times as many were beaten to death by hands and feet than were killed with a rifle.  Yet, Diane Feinstein would have you believe that the black rifle is public security crisis number one.  Perhaps she should propose banning baseball bats and hammers every year instead of suggesting yet another egregious assault weapons ban.

Well, fortunately too many Americans resist the propaganda and the only thing that the left has accomplished is sell millions of black rifles during Obama’s two terms alone.  My question to the reader after looking at these numbers is this: are anti-gun politicians just hopelessly challenged in mathematical aptitude or do they have an agenda?  The answer should be clear.

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