The Sticky Holster

I have a couple of sticky holsters that I use for small frame revolvers and I absolutely love them.  They are better than the Remora, in my opinion, since they are clingier and do stick to fabric more.  In fact, it is the only holster I use for my revolvers, aside from a belly band which I use for deep concealed carry under tucked in shirts.  If able to accommodate a standard IWB holster I am usually carrying my auto loader, but my revolver sometimes gets carried when I need versatility in my carry modes due to the circumstances.  When it comes to versatility the Sticky Holster shines.

For a small gun, at least, it makes a good pocket holster.  My one knock against it as only a pocket holster, however, is that is adds a bit of height to the overall package compared to other dedicated pocket holsters, so a gun that may ride in a particular pocket with a different pocket holster may peek out due to the extra height in the Sticky.  I rarely pocket carry, so when I do use the sticky holster it is usually to carry in the waistband.  Here is where it shines, but with reservation:

I think the Sticky Holster is great…………….unless you are careless.  The Sticky relies on friction against the clothing and body to stay in place.  Here is a hint: you need to wear a good belt while using the Sticky holster, no different than any other holster.  If you do this then you will have no issues with the gun falling out.  Guys who complain about their gun/holster combo tumbling out of their trousers wear a loose fitting pair of pants and no belt.  Really?  Wear a good belt, wear it tightly, and this holster will not move at all.  Also, if you are the type of person who will forget that you are wearing a gun and just undo your pants and let them drop to use a rest room, stick with a conventional holster.

You many wonder what the benefit of a clipless holster is if you still need to wear a belt.  For me the benefit is the ability to disarm and re-arm very quickly, like when you need to leave the gun in a vehicle to enter a restricted area.  A second benefit is the Sticky can seamlessly go from IWB carry to pocket carry I you need to do that.  Incredibly simple design, if used correctly it works great.  I also like the fact that it is quite thin and conforms tightly to the body of the weapon so it adds very little bulk.  If you are not careless and are willing to always use adequate tension on the waistline the Sticky is a useful option to have.

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