The Remora Gen II Clipless Holster

I have written several articles here and elsewhere on the use of clipless holsters.  These holsters rely on an outer material that clings to clothing and with adequate waistband retention they stay in place without relying on an apparatus to actually clip onto the belt as does a traditional holster.  I use traditional IWB holsters for my full-size guns but I use clipless holsters almost exclusively for my small-frame revolvers.  I find them the perfect complement to the truly versatile snub revolver.  While I recommend them I also press an important caveat: to safely use a clipless holster you MUST have good waistband retention, typically the level of belt retention required for a standard holster.  Bear that in mind.

Over the past couple years I have used both Remora and Sticky brand clipless holsters as well as clipless magazine pouches from both companies.  As I have indicated in a couple of past articles, I favor the Sticky holster over the original Remora because it is, well, stickier.  The Sticky clings to fabric a little better than the Remora.  I have also noted in these past articles that the Remora does have a notable advantage over the Sticky: they are far more resistant to wear.  The fabric of the Sticky noticeably degrades over time, not so with the Remora.

Well, I recently acquired a Remora Gen II holster for my revolver.  The Gen II uses a different outer material than the previous generation that is supposedly better at grabbing on to clothing and staying in place.  I have used this holster quite a bit now for a week.  What is my opinion?

Well……..the Remora Gen II is even stickier than the Sticky!  Seriously.  I find that the new material is indeed much better than the old and I find that it stays in place even better than the excellent Sticky holster.  So, with that said, if you do indeed want a clipless holster for use in-the-waistband my current recommendation would be a Remora, but only the Gen II variant.  The original does not stay in place as well.

Both products at this point are very good but the Remora Gen II does stay in place even better and if it is similar in resilience to the first generation it won’t wear out.  I have a thing for gear that lasts and I can’t find any perceptible wear on my other Remora stuff that I have owned and I have used their mag pouches a lot.  So in closing, as of this writing the Remora Gen II is in my opinion the best clipless holster currently on the market and for IWB carry it is my recommendation.


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