The True Divide on the Second Amendment

If you are dumfounded by how ignorant anti-gun activists can be you are not alone.  If you blame their position on ignorance you are on the same page as the rest of the firearms community.  However, if you think that ignorance is the primary reason for this incessant attack on freedom, you are mistaken.  Ignorant voters are useful idiots for the left but they are not the driving force.  These people are:

“This particular denomination of the anti-Second Amendment movement hates those who espouse self-reliance through being armed because they believe it poses a threat to their own determined relinquishment of that responsibility. These leftists believe that any further normalization of guns among American society will lead to such an expectation being placed on them, personally.  This is the true fear that drives their absurd stance against a clearly specified personal liberty…….. if civilians are given such an option rather than exclusively emissaries of the state, perhaps eventually the average citizen will be expected to protect themselves.  Expected self-reliance, rather than reliance on government, is the worst possible outcome for the leftist.”

Read my whole article at Conservative Daily News

Individual Responsibility: The True Divide on the Second Amendment

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