Want to Preserve Liberty? Staying out of Politics is no Longer an Option

If you are a member of the firearms community there is one place that political talk has no place: when you are teaching new people to shoot.  Students or folks that you bring to the range don’t need a diatribe on the those lousy communists on the left or the merits of right-wing America.  That is a sure way to turn people off quickly.  Keep firearms instruction (I would argue ALL teaching of any kind) politically natural.  Not the place, and very unprofessional.  However, beyond that, if you believe in the Second Amendment then you need to be politically active or you will forfeit your rights and/or help usher in a violent conflict that will happen if the political divide in this country continues and we don’t protect our Constitutional rights.

I hear many gun people say “I’m not political,” or “I’m politically neutral,” or any other such thing.  Let me make this clear for all reading it: this is a copout to avoid taking a stand and doing work.  If you choose not to be political, why don’t you make it easier for all involved and just turn over your guns to the Democrats now?  Yes, it is that simple.  Yes, the party that seeks to disarm us, and generally undermine all of our liberties, starts with a D.  If that offends you, sorry.  You have two options: vote for those who promise you free stuff paid for by other people’s money, or vote for the party that, despite generally sucking, actually respects the constitution a hell of a lot more than does the left side of the isle.

If you are a Democrat but respect the Constitution I will not argue with you, but work to fix your party’s obscene disregard for the Second Amendment.   Republicans should work to fix the issues within the right side of the isle as well.  Trust me, both parties have gone astray.  The left, however, is no longer even in the ball park and is more dangerous at this point.

Regardless of which political tribe you vote for, if you want to maintain your personal liberties, get active.  Join the big national gun rights organizations, my top suggestions being Gun Owners of America and Second Amendment Foundation (I will again start suggesting that you join the NRA once they fire the top executives who spend millions of our dollars on suits and private jets, but not until).  Also, join your state level organization, because the state level is where the battle is currently.  Call and write your delegates and congress people regularly.  Certainly, call when there is any given push for gun control going on.

We cannot sit this out or we will lose everything.  I, for one, would prefer that we retain our rights through political activism than through the alternative.  Get motivated and be active.

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