The Top 10 Worth a Read

Having written well over two hundred articles in the past two years for this blog and elsewhere I looked back through this catalog recently in an effort to deduce what I consider “the best,” or at least what I would rank as my better contributions to the knowledge base of self-defense, firearms, and Second Amendment politics.  So, here are the top ten that I think are worth reading, that provide some useful information for the armed citizen:

The Appropriate Demeanor for the Armed Citizen

The Acceptance that Violence can Touch You

Why the Handgun

Verbal Communication: A Critical Defensive Skill

Armed Citizen Considerations in the Time of the Active Killer

Body Language: Lower your Victimization Profile

Defending the Second Amendment: An Action Plan

The Ivory Tower Man: Why Academia Hates Guns

The Dryden Massacre: A Boy’s Introduction to Mindset

The Synagogue Shooting: A Reminder to be One of Gideon’s 300

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