Thoughts on the COVID 19 Run on Guns

As a nation, we might come out of this pandemic with several million new gun owners.  Does this offer me hope that we will have several million new gun voters who consider the 2A when going to the polls?


The sort of person who has never armed themselves before, and now only buys a firearm during a panic, is an individual who believes in being taken care of rather than being free.  Only in the face of an immediate threat, in which they realize that the government may not be able to save them, do they even remotely consider taking care of themselves.

These people who have crowded gun stores to acquire their first firearm will put that gun in a closet to be forgotten, or maybe sell it, as soon as this blows over.  I personally know people who have experienced a home invasion, an assault, or a scary situation of some type, and still choose not to arm themselves.  Do you think when this pandemic passes these people will maintain and foster a belief in self-sufficiency?  Not a chance.

They will go back to voting for the party that offers them pretends to care about the equality and welfare of all.  If that party, in turn, is hell bent on defiling the constitution, so be it, because what they say feels so good.

This is the reality:  Self-reliance only suites these people when they face a stark reminder that the world can be dangerous, which wakes them up, temporarily.  Once the situation blows over they return to their suburban lifestyle of having everything done for them by the nanny state and they put their heads back in the sand.

Am I wrong?

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