Small of the Back Carry: Why is This Still a Thing?

This is a topic that amazes me because I can’t believe it is still a thing.  The fact that some people still carry small-of-the-back may not be surprising when considering that a huge percentage of the population smokes a pack or more of cigarettes a day.  Humans have an innate draw to that which is bad for them.

Carrying a gun in the small of the back appeals to some people because the natural indentation of the anatomy in that spot appears to aid in concealing a handgun.  There are, however, two horrendous down sides to small of the back carry:

First, if you fall on your back while carrying a pistol in this spot you can do significant damage to your spine.  If the fall is severe enough you could end up paralyzed, or with serious injury to the lower vertebrate.  Why in hell would you risk that?  How many gunfights have you been in?  How many times have you fallen?  Exactly.

Second, this position proves about the least accessible spot on your body to retrieve a gun.  Reaching all the way behind your body is awkward and exceedingly slow, at best.  If you are seated accessing the gun can be next to impossible.

Just stop it, please.  Carrying small-of-the-back is one of the stupidest things you can do with a gun, and that is saying something.

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