Book Review: Patriot Fire Team Manual by Paul Markel

I have been regularly listening to Paul Markel’s podcast, Student of the Gun, for the past couple of years and I love it.  I don’t agree with all of his firearms advice (what two experienced shooters agree on everything?) but he is certainly a squared away guy who knows what he is talking about and he is truly entertaining in his delivery.  Not only does he offer a great deal of good advice on firearms and preparedness, but he delves deep into many aspects of history, which he has an excellent command of.  I highly recommend listening to Student of the Gun.  It is not only a means of gaining good firearms information, but it offers excellent and witty historical lessons and social commentary.

I also recommend Markel’s book, Patriot Fire Team Manual.  First, let me say what this book is not: This book is not an actual manual on team infantry tactics.  There are no directions on team movement, communication, etc…, Rather, this book is a guide to the mindset, gear, and preparation for establishing a civilian fire team with likeminded individuals to protect your neighborhood in a world of increasing social disorder and chaos.  In this regard, I think it is an excellent book for anyone interested in forming a team with other squared-away friends and neighbors. 

Patriot Fire Team Manual delves into preparedness and mindset, geared towards the individual new to the lifestyle, and it lays this introduction out very effectively.  Markel covers the need to be prepared with supplies of food and necessary gear.  He also goes over the essential gear that a fire team member must have packed and ready to immediately respond to a threat to the community.  Further, Markel provides some guidance on how to form this team with like-minded and dependable individuals, as well as suggestions for training and team building.

I highly recommend this book for anyone new to the preparedness lifestyle as it will go a long way towards putting you on track to be a patriot and a community protector.

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