Reloading from the Pocket: A Strategy for Consistency

I am a huge proponent of keeping things as consistent as possible; I want every tool on my body in the same place, all the time.  I carry my gun in the same location, all the time.  Same with my blade, same with my light.  I even carry my reload in the same place even though it may be a reload for different guns, either a G19/G26 auto, or a Ruger LCR revolver. 

I am left-handed, but I reload the revolver as a right-handed shooter would do when executing the “universal” revolver reload, which utilizes the right hand to manipulate the loading device.  There are techniques to reload the revolver with the left hand, obviously, but I use the right hand because I like doing all reloading with the same hand be it for an auto or for the revolver.  This is why some right-handed revolver shooters execute a “support hand” reload to stay consistent with their auto shooting.

The only place that works well for me for carrying a reload, that works all the time, is the support side pocket.  Yes, it is slower than reloading off the waistline from a magazine pouch, but I can’t make the magazine pouch work all of the time.  I would rather have consistency at the sacrifice of a little bit of speed, especially if that is speed involved with an exceedingly low likelihood event, such as needing to reload in a gunfight as a civilian.  I carry the magazine in a pocket pouch that keeps it properly oriented, the speed loader or speed strip just go in the pocket by themselves and tend to stay oriented fine that way on their own.

Consistency between magazine, speedloader, or speed strip, this is what it looks like:

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    1. As a lefty I actually just switch hands and reload the revolver with my right hand. A lefty could also reload with the left hand which is similar to how a righty does a support-Hand reload. The revolver is certainly more complicated than an auto.

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