Book Review: The Warwolf by Hermann Lons

There is no shortage of novels in the post-apocalyptic survivalist genre, many of which are quite good.  but one of the best written was actually penned in 1910 by a German writer named Hermann Lons.  Interestingly, The Warwolf takes places during the Thirty Years War in Germany.  How is that post-apocalyptic you may ask?  The chaos and instability following the collapse of law and order is nothing new and history has proven that repeatedly.  The Thirty Years War witnessed a social collapse on a vast magnitude and The Warwolf explores the physical, social, and psychological effects of prolonged chaos in a way that few books do. 

While this book is worth reading strictly for entertainment value, as it proves very well-written even with a translation from German to English, The Warwolf proves especially appropriate for those invested in preparedness.  You may wonder, what lessons from the Thirty Years War, which took place in the 17th Century, could possibly apply to us today?  The answer would be: all of them!  Human nature has not changed.  All of the issues we currently face, civil unrest, social disruption, urban areas plagued by violence, etc…, was present in 17th Century Germany at the outset of this particular war.  There is truly nothing new under the sun.

There are three valuable lessons that modern preppers will learn from reading The Warwolf:  First, desperate people become the foremost threat during times of chaos and breakdown.  Whether affiliated with government sanctioned forces or not, people, in general, become a threat when desperation and starvation sets in.

Second, The Warwolf emphasizes something that modern preppers are well aware of: urban centers with larger populations are much more dangerous than rural areas that are sparsely populated during such breakdown.  The protagonist and his people find refuge in their rural area, which is a good distance outside of the populated towns. 

Third, no man is an island, and to survive the chaos of a collapse you need like-minded people to unite and work with.  This is, perhaps, the single greatest lesson gained through reading The Warwolf. 

Nothing we are facing today is particularly new to the human experience.  This book emphasizes the incredible emotional toll, as well as physical toll, that prolonged periods of social breakdown take on people.  While our technology is different, our needs and desires as humans are the same, and the hardships experienced by the people in this novel are entirely applicable to our contemporary world.

I highly recommend that you read this book, it is one of the best novels available for the individual invested in preparedness.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

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