The Raven Concealment Perun Holster

I conceal carry entirely inside-the-waistband, at the appendix position, but I do use an outside-the-waistband holster on strong-side-hip for when I am in the woods, or when I shoot the occasional match (which has been infrequent lately).  Therefore, although it is rarely used compared to my AIWB holster, my OWB holster is still a necessary part of my lifestyle. 

The holster I have used for this task for quite some time now is the Raven Concealment Perun holster.  I most often carry a Glock 26 AIWB, but I use a Glock 19 predominantly for OWB carry.  The Perun is designed with a rather minimalist footprint which I prefer compared to the ever-common kydex slab pancake holsters that are widely produced and used by many manufacturers. 

The Peron has an adjustable cant provided by the positioning of the attachable belt loops, offering the option between straight or a 10 degree cant.  I prefer the cant.  The Peron also provides retention adjustment via a retention screw that offers more or less tension on the trigger guard closure.  Overall, the holster has everything it needs, and nothing it does not.

The Perun is entirely ambidextrous and can be set up for right or left hand use simply with the change of belt attachment.  One complaint I have read with the Perun is the fact that the sweat shield of the holster covers the slide of the gun on both sides to offer the ambidextrous use.  Some guys find that this interferes with re-holstering, but I have no such complaint. 

The Perun offers a sleek and smooth draw, providing retention adjustment to perfectly suit your preference.  The other benefit of this holster is that it does hold the gun quite tight to the body despite being an outside-the-waistband holster, although the leather OWB Craft holster I recently reviewed does provide significantly better concealment in this regard.  If carrying OWB, but concealed, I think such a leather holster offers an advantage due to the excellent concealment, but for a hard-use field and competition holster the Perun is hard to beat.

Two other benefits of the Perun holster: they are a stocked item so there is no extensive lead time in their fabrication as there is for some of Raven’s other items.  Second, the price is excellent for such a good holster.  Highly recommended. 

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