CCX2 Interview with Spencer Keepers

The CCX2 Podcast is a collaboration between USA Carry and Concealed Nation.  I have written for USA Carry for several years now and I used to write for Concealed Nation, so I have a history with both.  Last year I was invited on several episodes as a guest, but so far this year I have become an unofficial, yet regular, co-host.  As such, I am contributing towards the effort of bringing on knowledgeable guests to discuss specific topics.

This week we featured Spencer Keepers of Keepers’ Concealment.  Spencer is the inventor of one of the best AIWB holsters on the market and his products have a big following among those who are in the know.  Spencer is also a world-class shooter and a great firearms instructor.  I trained with him several years ago.  He is, in particular, a leading expert on appendix carry, and his training and influence played no small part in my own adoption of AIWB several years ago.  If you carry AIWB or are considering carrying it, you want to hear this interview.

Check it out here:

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