A Must Watch: Ed Monk’s Presentation on Active Killers

Ed Monk is a noted expert on active killers and I have heard good things about his presentation on the subject, as well as the classes that he offers on active killer response. Well, Tim Larkin had Ed on his podcast and there is a five-part video presentation of it on YouTube. I heard several reports on how excellent Ed’s presentation on this subject was at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference last year. I presume this is a condensed offering, but it is amazing.

If you are serious about self-defense, and take active killers into consideration, you need to watch this. Videos 1-3 are Ed’s presentation, and 4-5 show good discussion between Tim and Ed on the subject.

It is all about math: minutes turn into body count, and the faster the killer is neutralized, the sooner the killing stops. if you read this blog, you probably know the best option for stopping such incidents quickly. Ed provides staggering details on how bodies pile up, literally, in these incidents and how effective armed resistance from citizens has been.

You need to watch this, I have embedded all six episodes here for your convenience:

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