Review of the Mountain Man Medical Ankle Trauma Kit

I used to carry medical gear on my ankle and I did so for a while.  I eventually abandoned this practice and went to carrying a SOFT-T Wide and small pack of hemostatic gauze on a Phlster Flat Pack, which fits easily in my pocket.  While the ankle rig was able to carry more gear, I found it difficult to use the ankle solution all the time.  The summers are hot where I live and half the year is spent wearing shorts.  Also, such an ankle cuff demands not only pants, but the right pants.  Therefore, carrying reduced equipment in a pocket has been my solution.

Still, I wanted an ankle carry medical option again as, on rare occasions, I like to add more than my daily carry gear to my body to accommodate certain circumstances.  For example, I don’t carry a second gun most of the time, but when going to events in large crowds or the like, I will sometimes add a backup gun to the ankle.  For the same reasoning, I wanted another ankle medical kit to bolster what emergency gear I have on-body when necessary. 

I recently acquired the Mountain Man Medical ankle kit and I think it is of excellent quality and a very good price.  In fact, when analyzing the items that come with the kit, I can’t see how you could build it any cheaper on your own, so why go through the hassle of doing so?  The ankle cuff itself is made by Wilderness Tactical and it is the best of any such cuff I have used; it is comfortable, has room to hold all the essential items, and still remains low profile.  This cuff has pockets but does not use flaps and straps like some cuffs do, which I don’t like as it adds bulk.  The cuff rides very securely and is quite comfortable for extended wear. 

The ankle rig I got ships with the cuff, a Soft-T Wide tourniquet, ChitoGuaze Hemostatic, a pressure dressing, Hyfin compact chest seals, a set of medical gloves, and medical sheers.  It all fits in the cuff and, depending on how you pack it, carries quite discreetly under pants. 

I think ankle carry of medical gear is a great option for most concealed carriers.  Even if it is not the option you utilize daily, it is a good option to have on hand.  It serves well for times that you want to add a more-complete selection of medical tools to your body, such as when in riskier environments than usual, when at the range, or when taking a shooting class.  As such, the Mountain Man Medical ankle kit is hard to beat and seems the best combination of quality material and reasonable price that I have seen anywhere.  I highly recommend.

You can see what they have available at

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