Life Balance as a Concealed Carrier

Carry your gun, all the time.

This is the advice that most of the respected firearms and self-defense trainers will offer.  There is merit to this advice. Murphy’s law dictates that what can go wrong will go wrong, and if you carry a gun only 50% of the time, guess which 50% will most likely pose an issue in which you need your gun?  So, yes, carry your gun at all times……..possible.

I don’t go with “carry your gun, all the time.”  Rather, I live by “carry your gun at all times possible.”  For myself, I am carrying the vast majority of the time, as in, literally, 90% plus of my waking hours.  In my life it is possible to carry that 90%, so I do.  I don’t find it acceptable to not carry simply because carrying poses an inconvenience.  If it is possible to do, I am carrying.

Inevitably, however, I face times when it is not possible.  When I need to enter restricted environments (restricted, not less-permissible) I can’t carry, so I don’t.  That should be obvious. 

Beyond the restricted environment, though, what should our policy be towards carrying all the time as it pertains to recreation?  As an example, how about drinking somewhere?  How about taking a cruise?  You can’t take your carry gun on a cruise ship.  How about traveling for some kind of function where the gun would be a constant hinderance as you spend time at a resort where you will be drinking?  How about going into an amusement park to foster memories with your children?  How about traveling internationally?

I would submit that quality of life is exceedingly important for most people, and unless you live as a hermit in the wilderness (granted, you may prefer that) you will face times when going armed conflicts with quality of life.  To that end, I submit that disarming for such times and events is permissible, and maybe preferable for overall life balance.  Sure, you might be at a resort when ISIS attacks; unlikely, but possible.  Far more probable, however, is a pre-mature demise due to illness, fostered by stressful life conditions, and embracing such de-stressing and enjoyable activity goes a long way towards offsetting this. 

For the majority of your waking hours, though, if you can be armed, do so.  Carry your gun at all times……..possible.

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