Another Tale of Two Active Killer Incidents

At this point the horrendous mass killing in Texas at an elementary school is still not entirely understood, although as of this writing the details are emerging, and they don’t look good.  It appears that police did not enter quickly, waiting over half an hour, and they even held back parents who were trying to enter the school.  A boarder patrol agent finally arrived, and he apparently had the required stones, made entry, and killed the murderer, getting wounded while doing it. 

So, for the fools who are invested only in ridding themselves of the expectation of personal responsibility, there is the chant for gun control.  In a nation that has more guns than people, one must be a special kind of stupid to think any sort of legislation can keep firearms, or any other dangerous tool, out of the hands of those intent on evil.  Alas, while there are many this stupid, make no mistake, this argument is not made from a position of stupidity; it is made by people who want the option to be self-reliant removed from all of society so that, at no point, might they be expected to protect themselves.  Personal responsibility is like kryptonite for these people.  The politicians they elect take full advantage of this mindset and they propose disarming the common man, though they have no plans of turning in the “high-capacity magazines” that their own bodyguards carry. 

So, for those who are neither fools nor apposed to personal responsibility, what are the lessons learned?  Well, obviously, we should ask ourselves what has changed in society to breed more of these most despicable of monsters.  We should also understand that the police will not save us, we are on your own.  The police will wait outside of a school while children are being massacred.  Of course, a society that villainizes police when they actually do the right thing is a society that now deserves such police, but that is a different story.  I wonder how long Charles Askins, Bill Jordan, or Jimmy Cirillo would have waited to make entry into that school?  Oh, but there is no place in policing for such killers anymore, don’t you know?  Haven’t you heard?  Police should be replaced with social workers.  Maybe a social worker could have gone in and talked the monster down. 

And, also understand that the political factions that want to disarm you are your greatest threat, not the monsters.  The monsters will always acquire the devices they need to wreak havoc.  The politicians who want you disarmed are ok with that, since they will always have their minions to defend them, but they want you helpless in the face of this evil.

So, the Texas school massacre is all the talk, but just two days later, a female concealed carrier stopped another mass shooting in its tracks.  A sicko drew a rifle out of his vehicle and started shooting at a graduation party.  A woman who was in attendance drew her concealed pistol and shot him dead.  No innocents were injured.  How much coverage do you think the mainstream media is going to give this incident?  Check it out here:

Now, if you are an anti-gun zealot, you must hate this second story.  What if society, one day, thinks this is normal and expects you to protect yourself too?  The horror!  That can’t happen, we need gun control now!  The clear facts that show gun control does not even begin to disarm criminal actors is not relevant if your agenda is based only on ridding yourself of such an expectation. 

For those with a clue and even a drop of intestinal fortitude, which outcome do you prefer?  Part of being an adult is accepting that we live in a dangerous world, not every threat will be intercepted.  There are many aspects to consider when it comes to securing a place as complicated as a school.  However, anybody who thinks having no armed resistance present is a damned fool.  Having people who can shoot back is of paramount importance in the overall security plan. 

Do you want to face a monster who is heavily armed, and will always be heavily armed, no matter how politicians restrain your rights, with only your smile?  Or, would you rather shoot him through his damned head with your pistol as soon as he walks through the door, or gets out of the car, with a rifle in his hand?  I know what I vote for.

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  1. I’m sure you are not surprised but some of the IG “influencers” see the attack in Texas as a justification for pulling out truck guns, plate carriers, and breaching kit. *eye roll*

    Was wondering if your thoughts changed at all regarding supplementing a solo officer at an AS scene, in a protracted situation where little to no LE have responded. Would be interested in a post on the topic. I could only see this working in a rural environment, and ideally some relationship and introductions would be made with the local agency, and see how they want to handle it, way before any incident. Even then, multiple state and federal, and even neighboring local agencies would respond and not know who you were.

    Personally, I might see a use for only keeping hard body armor, slick carrier in the car. Loaded with extensive medical products in 1 large IFAK, maybe a spare pistol mag, and maybe a Medic patch (if you are trained) to distinguishing oneself.

    But at the end of the day training to work as a solo citizen on scene with just EDC will be far more useful and applicable to more situations and locations.


    1. I am inclined to continually suggest that this remains an issue that must be solved with the pistol. To your point, imagine trying to go into that school with a long gun; the useless cops who refused to make entry themselves were stopping parents from doing what they would not do. I guarantee that they would have shot any civilian who attempted entry with a long gun. This problem is best addressed by a concealed carrier on scene. While going up against a rifle wielding murder with only a pistol is not ideal, we now have an extensive catalog of events in which it has been done successfully. It remains the best solution.

      Concerning rifles, I think this incident highlights a lesser considered role for the rifle: one witness who lived across the street watched this lunatic from his window as he ran around outside of the school, firing rounds. I think that would be the time to use a rifle. A scoped deer rifle in a hard hitting cartridge would have done splendidly at that moment.


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