AIWB Snub Carry

Most people who use a snub revolver as a deep concealment option probably consider it primarily a pocket or ankle gun.  Snubs do such alternate carry better than anything else, in my opinion.  However, for quite a few years now I have accomplished most of my deep concealment by using a belly band (I now use a Phlster Enigma) to carry a snub in the AIWB position.  I like having my deep concealment gun at the same location as my usual gun.  The small snubby, when worn in a fashion that separates it from the belt, works great for formal or casual dress.  I carry this way when I must dress formally and tuck in a dress shirt, as the shirt tucks into the pants and over the gun.  I also carry this gun, in this configuration, when wearing board shorts or sweatpants with no belt.  Although I still prefer to carry an auto loading pistol in a belt holster, I use this deep concealment/very casual snubby setup quite often.

The snub revolver offers some advantages when carried in this body position, in this manner:  when the gun and holster are separate from the belt the waistline of the pants tends to ride up on the gun.  This can occlude your ability to get a good grip on the draw.  The revolver, due to its rounded grip profile, provides easier access to the grip when the pant line rides high than does the flatter auto grip.  Also, the small revolver tends to conceal better than an auto due to the grip shape when under tucked, or even untucked, shirts.  I have used pocket and ankle carry extensively in the past, but now I primarily carry my snub in the AIWB position with a Phlster Enigma or belly band to accommodate deep concealment or uber-casual carry.

See a demonstration of the advantages to the snub worn AIWB:

See a demonstration of the snub drawn from AIWB:

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