Carrying Small Guns Post 2020

For those who say they only carry a full-size gun, and they carry it every day, all day, I want to I would say, I don’t believe you.  Either you don’t carry all the time, or, you carry smaller guns, at least occasionally.  I realize that there are some people who have almost no professional obligations that would require them to dress accordingly, but there are few people who have that luxury.  If you live a life that requires any sort of professional or social obligation, you will carry small guns, at least sometimes. 

Even beyond just accommodating professional dress, there is good reason for small guns in the life of those who believe in staying armed whenever possible.  How about home carry?  Do you just wear your pants, belt, and full-size gun all evening at home?  I doubt it.  How about when you need to walk out the door to the mailbox?  Do you put on your full-size gun if you are not already wearing it?  I doubt it.  You will, however, put a small revolver or pocket auto in a pocket holster, into your sweats when you walk out to the mailbox. 

Ironically, many would proclaim that the post-COVID world is certainly the time to be carrying serious guns more than ever.  The United States has witnessed steep increases in crime rates in the past two years that had little to do with the pandemic and everything to do with political leadership.  However, the post-COVID world has also ushered in a change in lifestyle for many people.  Many have transitioned to working from home part time, if not full time. 

Most concealed carriers do not feel compelled to wear a full-size gun when only in the house.  The small carry gun serves as the ideal home carry companion.  Likewise, activity that takes place around the home during the day, such as going out for a walk or a job, does not lend itself to gearing up with a full-size pistol.  Rather, the small gun in a pocket or belly band takes center stage for such activity.  Therefore, the role of the deep concealment gun has hardly subsided, but has likely escalated for many, in the post-pandemic world. 

However, we come back to the state of affairs we are now witnessing in the nation; in the wake of the defund-the-police movement and other soft on crimes policy there is a massive uptick in crime.  In larger cities that are universally dominated by a certain political party many “lower level” offenses have been de-criminalized.  Even violent criminals are back on the streets within hours after being arrested for assaults and other such offenses, so the inevitable result of such asinine leftist policy is predictable; crime rates have soared. 

While the change in lifestyle for many people has made home carry of smaller guns central to life, the breakdown of civilization that we are witnessing should, in my opinion, lead concealed carriers to consider what they are carrying when out in public places.  Flash mobs, violent protests, active killers, and many crimes that involve multiple assailants, demand the consideration of serious carry guns.  Wearing a small gun while around the home, where you likely have quick access to something more formidable, is totally viable.  However, when out and away from the home, consider tooling up to the proverbial “carry as much gun as you can” adage.  A capable gun, a reload, a light, and a medical trauma kit are items that should be on your body in these uncertain times. 

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