Open Carry: Fit Only for the Uninformed

I generally avoid the topic of open carry as those devoted to it certainly should have every legal right to do so.  Still, just because you can does not mean you should.  There are certain environments where open carry is more acceptable than others, but they are few and far between.  If you live in a rural area and spend time only in the field, then open carry is probably ok, but still not ideal.  If you live in a very gun-friendly environment, open carry might be ok, but still not ideal. 

However, even if open carry is OK, concealed carry is always better.  Period.  Full stop….

Do you spend time open carrying in the woods, in the wilderness, while hiking or hunting?  Why would open carry not be ideal in such an environment?  Because it is never ideal no matter the circumstances.  Even when in remote wilderness, you are likely to happen upon other human beings.  Have you never come across others when hiking or hunting?  If you open carry your handgun you give up the weapon’s greatest advantage; concealment. 

Bad things don’t just happen in “da hood.”  Bad things can happen in remote areas as well.  Do you want to be in the woods when approached by other men, who get close to you through the ruse of friendly fellow hikers, only to be put at gunpoint and disarmed of the visible handgun on your side, or simply murdered immediately because you pose an obvious threat?  Do you want to have to greet strangers with an openly displayed handgun when working on the homestead, unaware of who you are dealing with, without the advantage of the concealed weapon?  Concealment is the foremost tactical advantage, no matter the environment. 

As we enter environments that are more populated, the notion of openly carrying is even more absurd.  This idea that seeing the gun dissuades bad actors from committing crime has little merit.  Sure, its possible, but what is absolutely possible is that the visible gun will ensure your demise through a preemptive ambush, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter such an entity.  There have been numerous gun grabs in the past few years where criminals have gone after the openly carried pistol on a civilian’s belt.  It is an asinine practice if you have the option to carry concealed. 

Sure, you should have the right to do it, and bad decisions are not usually illegal.  That does not change the fact that open carry is a bad decision. 

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