Review of the Mountain Man Medical Wind River Trauma Kit

I recently acquired the Mountain Man Medical Wind River trauma and first aid kit.  I have two larger trauma kits that I have built out through buying and assembling different components, one that is in the home and one that is in the vehicle.  These two kits contain gear to treat multiple casualties, not just a single individual.  I wanted a third larger kit for my second vehicle.  The Wind River kit is perfect for this application. 

When analyzing all that is contained within the Mountain Man Medica Wind River kit, I can’t see how it could be assembled for much less money even if you were to buy all the components separately.  Therefore, as compared to other brands on the market where the markup seems significant, these Mountain Man Medical kits are a great value.

This particular kit is excellent for the vehicle or for a camp site, or anywhere else you may have more than a single individual in need of emergency trauma care.  Within the kit you find two CAT Tourniquets, a SWAT-T Tourniquet, two packs of quick clot gauze, two different pressure dressings, chest seals, medical sheers, and then a whole variety of other things such as bandages, multiple sets of gloves, and a full-blown first aid pouch for minor booboos.  This makes the kit a do-it-all solution perfect for my needs as a vehicle kit.

The Wind River kit unfolds in an orderly and usable manner

Again, I think Mountain Man Medical produced a top-quality offering here, with an excellent assortment of components, for a great price.  If you don’t want to spend the time and hassle assembling a large kit, and you want something with all the right gear at a price that is no greater than assembling it yourself, this is the one.  Highly recommended.

See their offerings at:

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