I Love the 1911 – But I Will Never Carry One Again

I have always loved the 1911.  I carried and shot 1911s almost exclusively for the first decade of my concealed carry life.  In fact, I was “that guy” who considered the 1911 God’s gun and everything else was second-rate (especially the Tactical Tupperware).  In my teen years I was first introduced to Glock and the specimen I shot was cursed with a New York + trigger.  So, imagine my reaction when comparing a Colt Government Model with a 4 pound trigger to that damn thing.  I had no use for the plastic fantastic at all after that experience.

Around 2010 I acquired my first Glock 19 and realized that the platform is imminently shootable if not burdened by lawyer triggers.  What I also quickly realized was that the Glock was virtually maintenance free, even with high round count shooting, something the 1911 was certainly not.  I also discovered that the Glock provided twice the capacity at half the weight.  Oh, and another thing, the Glock did not rust, a battle I fought constantly in the summer with the 1911.  So, quite frankly, I embraced the Tactical Tupperware and never looked back.  Within six months of getting that first G19 I phased out carrying the 1911 completely.

Now, with that said, I am not at all apposed to people carrying 1911s.  Personally, I abandoned the platform for self-defense and concealed carry because I don’t like the more maintenance intensive nature of it compared to polymer-framed striker-fired guns.  The notion that 1911s are unreliable has been fostered by the many poorly built 1911s on the market.  If you buy a good one, and keep it maintained, it will run.  You also must dedicate to spending the big bucks for the best magazines (Wilson Combat and Chip McCormack mags are the best) and they are not cheap.  Do these things and your 1911 will run just fine.

Many people who grew up shooting striker fired guns bemoan the fact that the 1911 has a thumb safety.  The safety is not a disadvantage at all, it is simply a training issue.  I am not big on the idea of rotating between guns with and without a safety, but as long as you commit to training with and carrying a 1911 the safety is not a problem if used properly.  The 1911 safety is the most ergonomic in the handgun kingdom and flipping it off during the presentation of the gun is an entirely natural motion.  Putting it back on is also perfectly natural, but you need to commit to training with the platform.

I will never again carry a 1911 but I still love it.  The platform remains a completely viable fighting tool for those who are willing to commit to the maintenance requirement.  The gun still provides the best trigger of any pistol, bar none.  It shoots like nothing else.  If those attributes outweigh the maintenance demands for yourself, get a good 1911 and carry on.  It still does what it was designed to do with aplomb, and it has been doing so for over 100 years.  I suspect it might do it for another 100 years to come. 

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