Active Shooter Guidelines: What it Says About Society

There is much ado about active shooters.  I prefer the term active killers as mass murderers tend to use other tools besides just firearms: we have seen vehicle attacks, edged weapon attacks, and explosive attacks of late.  Each, of course, requires some degree of differing response.  But in particular the active shooter seems to be standard affair.  Now, the reality is that such mass attacks are still incredibly rare despite the fact that the media loves to sensationalize them.  As an average citizen you are far more likely to be accosted by a more routine profit criminal or a neighborhood junkie then by an active shooter.  Still, preparation before the event, no matter how unlikely, is best policy.  The best way in which to respond, however, varies greatly depending on who suggests it.  You probably know my suggested response.

Here is the ever-so-catchy three step response suggested by FEMA: Run, Hide, Fight.  Here is a spoiler: in the Fight section the pamphlet says nothing about shooting the killer in the face, you know, the most effective way to actually fight such an individual.  Rather, the Fight section encourages you to only “fight” as an absolute last resort when running or hiding has failed.  We are told that when fighting one should “be aggressive and fully committed,” throw heavy objects at the killer or use “improvised” weapons.  Yeah, ok, you go ahead and do that.  Now, if you read the pamphlet it is clear that running for your life like a terrified squirrel is preferable.  Second best is hiding like a sniveling rat while hoping the monster passes you by.  Amazing.

Now, there is nothing wrong with running if it is the best option.  There is nothing wrong with hiding if it is the best option.  However, there is something very wrong with the proposition of fighting as only a last resort because the system that is in place disarms the populace so that fighting is indeed a last resort and a desperate act since no guns are available: except the one held by the killer who ignored the “No Guns” sign.  We all know that active killers attack gun free liberal utopias for exactly this reason.  They do this so that there will be no resistance.

When will the citizens of this nation have enough of the Left’s governance and get rid of gun free zones?  One would think we live in a country that does not say in it’s constitution The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  However, Leftists who so cherish the other rights (supposedly) trample the 2nd Amendment because they apparently would rather run like terrified squirrels or hide like sniveling rats.  These folks and the way they vote will ensure that we continue to see active killers attack gun free zones.

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