The Magpul GL9 21 Round Glock Magazine

There are not many products that I am blown away by, but so far the Magpul 21 round Glock magazine is one of them.  Here are the key points:

  • It is completely reliable. Just as solid as the factory mags thus far and I have shot them fairly extensively.
  • It is light-weight because it is only polymer, there is no steel insert. Loaded with 21 rounds it is still lighter than a loaded factory Glock 19 magazine.
  • It is longer than a Glock 17 magazine, obviously, but not by terribly much, and it is much shorter than the absurdly long 33 round Glock mags. This magazine can be easily carried concealed.
  • It disassembles easier than the factory magazines.

What is there not to love?  A 21 round reload for the Glock 26, 19, 17, or 34 that is actually less weight than a factory 19 or 17 magazine.  Overall this thing excels and it is the only reload I carry for my 26 or 19.  I know there is a lot of reliability issues with the few other Glock aftermarket magazines out there and I have never trusted any so I have historically only used factory Glock mags.  The original Magpul magazines only offered the standard capacity so I was not interested.  The 21 round model, however, offered something new so I figured I would give it a try.  Excellent thus far, I will let you know otherwise if they fail on me at some point.

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