Stabbings in the United Kingdom: What Leftists Want for us All

Happened upon this recently, you can read it here in The Guardian:

Police apologize to Exeter woman stabbed by stalker she reported 125 times

My condolences to this poor lady, glad she survived. My heart goes out to her and all the others who live under the rule of the leftists (communists) who run the United Kingdom.  Unfortunately, most of these folks living under such tyranny like it that way. The rest stuck in the situation are victims.

The UK is a socialist utopia in which it is felonious for a woman to even carry pepper spray (like our own Washington DC). Knives are forbidden for carry and guns, of course, are as illegal as having a nuclear warhead.  The Brits would rather run helplessly away from terrorists, or just your average street bum with a blade, then to vote for politicians who would respect their right to defend themselves.  Sadly, our own democrats also prefer the same.  Just look at the most rampant crime cities in the United States: Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Detroit, all run by democrats.  Of course, in the UK or our own Chicago, the criminals remain perpetually armed.  It appears criminals don’t follow the law.  Imagine that.  Such practical thought, however, does not overrule the leftist agenda to subjugate all under the authority of the state.

The fundamental difference between leftists (whom I define as those who wish to rely on the government for everything) and those who believe in individual responsibility is that leftists don’t want to take responsibility for themselves in any way what so ever, especially regarding their own security. The average leftist sees the news every day, plagued with violence, but would still never conceive of embracing the individual empowerment of being armed.  That requires one to actually take responsibility for one’s self, not just leach off the state.

Leftists are, of course, “tolerant” of all. They have no tolerance, however, for anyone who would consider doing for themselves regarding personal protection.  They will tolerate you if you are in this country illegally and they will tolerate you if you are a convicted felon, but they will not tolerate you if you exercise your Second Amendment rights as is clearly defined in the Constitution itself.  That particular document, they have no tolerance for.

To leftists power and equality has something to do with wearing absurd pink hats, or forcing everyone to use the same bathroom, or whatever stupid shit they are onto at the time.   Do you see the theme with them?  To the left “power” and “equality” is not found through individual strength and capability, it is found through the subjugation of others through the state.  A leftist would never consider wearing a handgun and learning how to use it.  They will, instead, keep supporting state actors that seek to disarm and weaken the population.  Some leftists will, however, arm themselves in order to commit violence against those who oppose their political view, as we have seen recently.  Besides that use, however, they oppose guns.

Well leftists, this ain’t the UK. You have done your best to make some places like that (Chicago, DC, Baltimore, etc…) so I truly hope you stay within your confines of liberalism and enjoy yourselves there, the locations in which only the state is armed, just as you prefer (oh, and all the drug dealers and gangsters of course). But keep your bullshit politics out of the places that vote red.  When you are being stalked or being raped or being assaulted call the police.  Maybe call them 125 times like this poor lady did in the UK.  That is how you prefer to live, after all.  The rest of us: we prefer having the option to shoot criminals in the face.

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