The Bottom Line on the Recent Gun Debate

Leftists: “Disarm!  You don’t care about children!  You are responsible for the actions of mass killers due to your devotion to that outdated founding American principle.  Society will be safer if you are unarmed.  We should be like the rest of the enlightened world.  Only the government should be armed.  Rely on them to protect you.  Please, President Trump, (who yesterday we considered Hitler) take our liberties away!”

Americans who actually value freedom:  “Give up our guns and rely on government (like the amazing Sheriff Israel and the FBI)?  No thanks, we will keep our freedom.  We don’t care what the socialists in Europe think either.  And, we won’t forget being labeled complicit in the actions of an evil doer just because we don’t share your pathetic world view.  Please go f@#k yourself.

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