Leftists, Please Keep Doing what you are Doing!

For all of my fellow Americans who actually value freedom and personal liberty, don’t be disheartened by the recent despicable attack on the Second Amendment.  The CNN Town Hall held last night is actually exactly what we need.  You see, leftists think that they always hold moral superiority, no matter how twisted their world view.  They think that clearly declaring that tens of millions of American gun owners are complicit in the actions of a mad man will win people over to their side.

Remember Hillary’s remark about the basket of deplorables?  How did that go for her?  Remember when democrats pushed through the assault weapons ban of 1994?  How did that go for them?  You see, when you directly insult tens of millions of people just because they don’t share your own anti-freedom views, you motivate them.  These anti-gun fanatics speak in an echo chamber.  They will not persuade a single person, no more than our side can persuade them.  What they will do, however, is ensure that GOP will show up at the polls.  Let’s hope they keep it up.  Lets hope the Republicans don’t act like ass clowns (hard for them to resist, it seems) and give in to placating a group of people who would never vote for them anyway.  Lets hope that blue wave of 2018 just turned red.

Here is a good article on exactly this point from today at Townhall.  The author expresses the same sentiment I have suspected from the beginning of this recent crusade against our freedom.




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