A Gun you can Fight With

Complacency is the great enemy of mankind. For rather fragile physical creatures we tend to get comfortable in our environment. The “it won’t happen to me” mentality affects us all: some far more than others, but it does affect each and every one of us.

If you read this blog there is a high likelihood that you carry a defensive firearm. This in itself is a drastic step in overcoming the “it won’t happen to me” mentality. If you carry a gun then you probably do indeed accept that bad things can happen to you. However, how far does this heightened mindset of preparation take you?

There is no doubt that any gun is a lot more than no gun. Statistically, the majority of civilian self-defense gun uses can be resolved with any gun. It is rather uncommon that a citizen who fights back with a firearm against the criminal element gets killed. The reason for this, however, is that the criminal element does not anticipate or plan for armed resistance on the part of a selected victim. When facing armed resistance criminals typically become late for another appointment. Therefore, looking at statistics, we may come to the conclusion that a diminutive firearm is all that one would ever need to carry. This is true……..most of the time.

The reality is actually not as neat and tidy as the often quoted “three feet, three rounds, three seconds.” Most defensive gun uses do not require any shots being fired. Many defensive gun uses that involve shooting often end with nobody getting hit. The truth is, for most defensive gun uses, a gun loaded with blanks would be enough to dissuade the criminal attacker or attackers. However, what if you find yourself in a situation that demands a true fight for your life against multiple and determined attackers?

The prevalence of violent crime is actually significantly lower than it was 30 years ago. However, the nature of the threat has changed. In this age of active shooters, terrorists, and gang violence involving multiple criminal actors, I have come to the conclusion that I wish to carry a gun that I can fight with at all times possible. For me that gun is a double-stack auto loader. While I love a snub nose revolver and often carry one when I need truly deep concealment under non-permissive clothing, at all other times possible I opt to carry a compact auto. The shoot-ability, capacity, and faster reload make for a gun that you can fight with.

It is true that any gun is far more gun than no gun, and it is true that small guns will get it done most of the time. But if you find yourself in an outlier event you will wish that you brought the most gun possible. A lot can be done with a modern auto loading pistol chambered in a service caliber, and I think that the nature of the threat in our contemporary times calls for the carry of a gun that you can really fight with. Even the small single stack 9mm autos prove much more capable than a snubby or a small pocket auto. When carried in-the-waistband they prove quite easy to conceal.

My preferred territory of carry gun is the compact double-stack: weapons such as the Glock 26, the H&K VP9sk, and certainly the new Sig 365, are all quite small yet prove very capable. The ability to carry the gun with the flush-fit small magazine for concealment, yet back it up with a full-size magazine, makes for a versatile package that you can fight with should you find yourself in a situation where 5 rounds of 38 special might not be enough. The possibility of running into a criminal threat that does not run away terrified by the sight of a gun, or even the sound of the first shot, is real. The possibility of running into multiple attackers that will not concede, but will simply try harder to kill you or other innocents, is real. Such evil doers will not stop out of their own inclinations, they will only stop when completely neutralized with gunfire. It is a shame when a shooter who is up to the task is in such a situation without a weapon that is also capable of winning such a fight. Just my opinion. Carry a gun that you can fight with.

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