Identity Politics, Victimology, and Guns

Throughout the years I have sought to understand how the mind works among those on the far left.  I have come to the conclusion that there is simply no way for those of us who believe in the American values of liberty and individual sovereignty to ever understand leftist mindset.  However, we can pinpoint the threads of thought that unite the left so that at least we can do our best to fight the spread of this malignancy.  There are consistent themes:

First, there is the role of envy among many leftists that infects their minds and leads them to believe capitalism is evil and socialism works, despite reality.  Facts mean nothing to these folks.  the obvious manifestation that modern capitalism has lifted humanity out of the dirt throughout the world, while simultaneously socialism has accomplished absolutely nothing in bettering humanity (but did cost 150 million lives of people killed by their own governments), bounces off the envious leftist.  For such people the prospect of everyone sharing equal misery is better than for a rich few to have so much more than the rest, even if the rest have the most comfortable lives in the history of mankind.  Envy, however, is hardly the sole motivator of leftism since there are many well-off and successful leftists.

There is also the simple fact that many leftists are people who prefer to be taken care of than be free.  Take a look at the campaign run by Bernie Sanders and all of his recent communist offspring that now infect congress: free education, free health care, free everything.  Sounds great!  Of course, those of us that work for a living and have a few brain cells to rub together realize that nothing is free and someone needs to pay for this.  That someone getting the bill will be, of course, you and I.  Along with all the free stuff that is promised comes, of course, a significant curtailment of personal liberty and free enterprise.

Finally, there is the element of leftism that is truly the most dangerous, the most prolific among them, and it is the foundation on which the left and the entire democratic party is now built: identity politics.  If we dig deeper, the core of the issue is not just the identity politics, but it is the associated victimology.  What do I mean by that?  Identity politics is not based on tribalism in which each group sticks to an ethnic, racial, or religious identity due to loyalty to that tradition.  Rather, leftists stick to identity politics because the identity is required to proclaim victimhood.  If you are from any sort of minority class, be it racial, religious, or otherwise, you are a victim of “the man.”  You may be a victim of the man even if you look just like him, by the way.  Perhaps you see yourself as a disenfranchised youth who resents the idea of having to work for a living; then, you are also a victim of the man.

The man, by the way, is most often the conservative white male, although any individual from a minority group that rejects big government or the notion of victimology is also the oppressor. There are many dynamics that overlap between the two dominant political parties and a good argument can be made that they both suck.  However, there remains one definite distinction between them: one party discounts victimology and one is built upon it.  I am absolutely convinced that this, when all else is said and done, is the deciding factor on how an individual votes.  Do you believe that you are a person with agency, who will succeed or fail based on your individual talents, or do you believe you are oppressed by society according to the self-selected victim group that you belong to?   It really is that simple.

Victimology is, absolutely, the bedrock of leftism.  Each group within the left does their best to out-victim the other.  Therefore, does it come as a surprise that leftists profusely hate the Second Amendment?  It makes perfect sense when you consider it from this perspective.  If you walk around with a pistol on your hip, what does that do to your self-imposed mentality of victimhood?  How much of a victim can you possibly be if you are armed and lethal?  Further, if you allow others to go armed, certainly they will reject your narrative of victimhood.  Those who go armed might say to you, “hey, stop pretending to be a victim and embrace your own self-reliance.”  Such sentiment is hated above all else by leftists.  The expectation of self-reliance is like kryptonite to a leftist.  This is the true reason that leftists want to disarm the citizenry.  They hate the Second Amendment because it will always threaten them with the expectation of self-reliance.  A victim should be taken care of by the government, not be expected to take care of himself.

That is why the left wants to take your guns.  They don’t give a damn about preventing crime or about making the streets safer.  If they did they would actually throw their efforts behind measures that work towards those ends.  The left hates the Second Amendment because it threatens victimology, and that cannot stand.  It is that simple, even if leftists do not admit that to themselves.

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