Of Chainsaws and Guns – Dangerous Tools and Independence

Like perhaps some of you who read this, I was privileged to be raised by a father who was a real man, and still is despite his now advanced age.  Sadly, there are far fewer of them in this generation, but we still have some, thank God.  As part of being raised by a man who believes in self-reliance and independence a child is taught how to use dangerous tools.  The dangerous tool nearest and dearest to this author’s heart is, of course, the freedom torch itself, the gun.  But there are other dangerous tools that also factor into the entire mindset, and indeed the skillset, of independence.  The chainsaw, for example, has some interesting parallels with the firearm.  I think a man should know how to use a chainsaw.

My dad taught me to use a saw when I was quite young.  It is an incredibly dangerous tool; it is far more dangerous to yourself when using it than is a firearm.  A well-trained and responsible 12 year old can wander the woods with a rifle and do so quite safely.  I don’t know anyone who would be foolish enough to let their 12 year old loose with a chainsaw.  In fact, it is unwise for anyone, of any age or skill level, to work with that particular machine without someone nearby to render aid if there is an accident.  When using a saw you gain a tremendous respect for dangerous tools.  A slip-up can change your life, or take it, in a fraction of a second.  Absolute concentration is required and there is no room for safety shortcuts or a lax attitude.  Sound familiar to you shooters?

The chainsaw is also similar to the firearm in this way: it is an important tool of independence.  The chainsaw allows you to cut wood for fuel.  Many country dwellers heat their homes with wood and they do this by cutting their own wood with a saw.  Such rugged work builds physical strength and an attitude of independence that most urbanites cannot fathom.  I have also found that people who heat their house with wood tend to prioritize freedom and individuality over big government and collectivism.  Go figure.

So, dear reader, if you don’t know how to use a chainsaw, it is a good skill to have.  However, like firearms, training is absolutely necessary.  Dangerous tools are the key to maintaining your freedom, the gun being of foremost importance.

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