The 5 Essentials of EDC

After many years of carrying concealed I have concluded that there are five tools that I insist upon carrying at all times legally possible.

Before proceeding I have a caveat: there are other tools that I believe you should also always carry when in civilized society that I do not include in this 5.  These would include your cell phone and a less-lethal tool like pepper spray.  A phone and pepper spray are essentials when walking the suburbs or urban landscape, in my opinion, but maybe not essential if you are in the mountains where you may not have cell reception and the need to pepper spray the wildlife may be at a minimum.  Likewise, a rifle in the hands is a given for myself when in the woods, but would obviously have no place while walking the city streets.  However, in any environment, wilderness or urban, here are the five tools of preparedness that I believe are must haves on your person regardless of anything else you are carrying:

1 – A Handgun (preferably a serious pistol)

2 – A Reload for the Handgun

3 – A Knife (preferably a serious knife)

4 – A Light (preferably a powerful tactical light)

5 – A Trauma Kit (minimum a tourniquet, more if possible)

Regardless of what else you have on you, these five tools should be universal unless legally denied.  If in the suburbs I will also have my phone and a less-lethal tool, as well as keys, wallet, etc…, but these 5 are a given.  In the woods I might be carrying a rifle and wearing a backpack, but these 5 are also a given in that environment.  These five tools are universal and can give you the ability to accomplish a lot in the face of danger or disaster.  What say you?

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