A Tale of Two Political Ideologies

While many of the tactical gurus have chimed in on the recent church attack in Texas, giving us all sorts of excellent insights into the lessons learned for personal protection, I am now going to share with you the most important lesson of all that the self-proclaimed “politically agnostic” trainers out there won’t touch.  Here it is:

Within the past week a Jewish Hanukka party in New York City was attacked by a deranged man with a machete, five people were wounded, and nobody was armed or capable of stopping the attack.  This comes on the heels of numerous deadly attacks on synagogues in the past several years.  Hours later, a church in Texas was attacked by a gunman, two people were killed, and an armed patron of the church adroitly blew the head off of the attacking gunman.  This was a drastically different outcome compared to the attack on a church in Texas two years ago in which a gunman killed over twenty unarmed and defenseless people.  Apparently, the Texans have learned from the past whereas the New York Jews have not.  I want you, dear reader, to predict what political party the hero of the Texas church votes for.  Now, pray tell, how do New York Jews vote overwhelmingly?  I will give you a hint, it is the same way that most New York City residents vote.  It is that simple.

Most on the right believe in personal responsibility in the face of danger, most on the left believe in the government protecting the sheep.  How is that working out for the sheep of late?  The Democrat party (not necessarily the average democrat, neither party truly reflects the majority of their voting base) wants to disarm you, and they want you helpless so that you have no choice but to rely on the government for everything.  There are plenty of Republicans who will also betray the Constitution in this way as well, but for the Democrats it is actually a pillar of their platform. They want the Deplorables disarmed so that they can go away.  Take heed, this is the only fight that matters for our generation.

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