Review of the Craft Holsters Kydex IWB Holster

A month or so back I reviewed a Craft Holsters Open Top Leather Holster.  That particular holster is excellent and Craft Holsters seems to specialize in leather products.  In that review I actually stated that even though I have not used leather holsters in a long time, I really liked the Craft holster.  In response to that review Craft Holsters sent me one of their Kydex holsters to get my thoughts on it.  While the majority of their products are leather, they do, indeed, make some kydex holsters as well.

This particular holster sent to me is the Craft Kydex IWB holster.  Though the title says IWB it appears to be, more particularly, an AIWB holster.  I, of course, conceal carry exclusively in the AIWB position so I was glad to test and review this holster.  After using it for a while, here is what I think if it:

The Good:

The materials and construction are, absolutely, superb.  I was not surprised by this considering how excellent the leather OWB holster I reviewed was.  The Kydex is excellent quality, as is the hardware components, and everything is assembled perfectly.

The retention of the holster is excellent and infinitely adjustable thanks to the two screws below the trigger guard.  This holster is as smooth as can be and the retention can be made perfect to your individual preference.

This is, perhaps, the single most comfortable AIWB holster I have ever worn.  There are no jagged edges or hot spots.  You can wear this all day and not notice it.


While the quality of this holster is excellent, I think it needs the addition of two features to make it a premium AIWB holster:

 First, the belt clip on the holster is a very solid kydex tunnel type, but it is not adjustable.  For AIWB holsters to be versatile in accommodating many users the belt loop should be adjustable for both cant and ride height.  As it happens, the cant and ride height are both great for me personally, but that is no guarantee it will work for the next guy.  I think craft should add an adjustable clip that can also be swapped out for other clips or loops to make this holster more versatile. 

Second, most AIWB carriers use a wedge or a wing on their holsters to make it conceal, if not both.  Now, a wedge can be added to this holster easily, but I think making the holster with a Mod Wing, or other type of wing, from the factory would make it more usable out of the package.  I have used wings and wedges in the past, sometimes both in tandem, but I tend to find that wings are my preferred solution for concealment. 

I actually added a mod wing to this holster.  Since the screws are not designed to accommodate one I drilled an additional hole for the second Mod Wing mount hole.  After installing the Mod Wing this holster is excellent; the draw is fast and smooth and the concealment is great.  However, I had to add the wing myself to get it there, so that is my reservation with this holster.

The Craft Holster with the Addition of a Mod Wing

So, in closing, what do I think of this holster?  I think Craft should add an adjustable hardware solution for the belt clip and add a Mod Wing from the factory.  If they make these two changes this holster will be as good as any premium solutions out there.  Since the ride height of the holster works well for me I only needed to add the wing and now it is a great holster for myself. 

With the wing in place I am really happy with this holster and it has replaced what I was using previously for my Glock 19.  So, while I don’t proclaim this a perfect holster from the factory in its current configuration, the quality is great and after my modification I am using it.  I suppose the fact that it replaced what I was previously using should speak to how good it is despite needing to put some work into it.  M final verdict: it is a good holster that can be a great holster with a couple of additions to the design. 

You can see more about Craft Holsters here:

See this particular holster here:

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