Everything on the Band: The Deep Concealment Solution

For many years now my deep concealment gun has been a Ruger LCR revolver.  Over this time, however, my modes of carrying this gun for deep concealment needs have changed extensively.  I pocket carried the gun for a while, but the LCR is on the large side for me for pocket carry and the individual pants/pockets combination created too many variables for consistency.  I then used ankle carry for a couple of years.  Ankle carry works good for concealment while standing, but I found the pant cuff would often ride up, potentially exposing the gun when seated, and this happened too often for comfort. 

For the past several years I have used a belly band to accommodate deep concealment and this has proven the best solution.  Within my lifestyle deep concealment might involve concealment in tucked-in dress cloths, or in athletic shorts with no belt.  The belly band has proven a solution for all situations where deep concealment is needed. 

A relatively recent change to my belly band approach, however, is the placement of all defensive tools on the band itself.  Until recently I would carry other items in pockets, but this proved less than ideal.  These items can be conspicuous in dress slacks or board shorts alike.  Now, I have moved all tools to the band and this approach allows me to conceal the full tool set in any clothing, no matter how formal or casual. 

I am using the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band for this role.  The gun rides in a kydex holster that attaches to the band.  I also attach a pouch, this one happens to be a Remora single magazine pouch, via some attached hook and loop, to the band.  This pouch has an affixed Ka Bar TDI LDK knife, contains a speed strip reload for the gun, and holds a small Streamlight flashlight as well.  In the elastic pocket of the band I am able to fit a flat folded Soft-T Wide tourniquet as well.  Therefore, my gun, reload, knife, light, and tourniquet all ride in/on the band itself. 

These tools are small enough that the band is undetectable even under tucked shirts.  Also, if going to the gym or out for a jog, the band puts everything on the waist so that the crappy, shallow pockets of gym shorts are not needed to carry any of these tools.  This belly band is so comfortable that it can be worn all day with no issues. 

While there are a number of products available on the market to deeply conceal a gun alone, I like the flexibility of the belly band as it provides the ability to carry the other life-saving tools as well.  I offer this approach for your consideration, it may work well for you as well.

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  1. I’ve never thought about a belly band, but I may look into it. I usually carry my EDC and a Clinch Pick on my belt with a shirt untucked. Extra mag in my pocket and OC spray clipped in another pocket. The band would make better sense in a few scenarios I can think of for me.


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