The Four Draws Part I: The Default Draw

I have previously written articles, on this blog and elsewhere, telling concealed carriers that they should be practicing “all four” draw strokes.  You can read that article on this blog here.  The four primary draw strokes are:

  1. The Default Draw
  2. The Single-Handed Draw
  3. The Support-Hand Only Draw
  4. The Surreptitious Draw

In this series of articles I wish to go into further detail on each of these draw strokes, as these skills are mission critical for concealed carriers.  In this first installment, we will discuss the default draw stroke.

The default draw from concealment will involve the use of both hands for most shooters, as the support hand typically clears the cover garment, thus speeding the process.  For those that carry on strong-side-hip, you most likely use the primary hand to clear the cover garment when carrying under an open front garment, or perhaps even when carrying under a closed front garment.  The majority of those who carry in the appendix position utilize the support hand to clear the cover garment, when possible. 

This draw might be initiated from any start position, such as with our hands full of grocery bags, our hands on a phone, our hands on the steering wheel.  However, the two most realistic locations our hands would be, if dealing with an encroaching aggression or if watching a situation transpire, would be to draw from either the non-confrontational stance, or from a hands-folded position. 

See the demo on drawing from both the non-confrontational and hands-folded start position.  This is the default draw:

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