The Four Draws Part III: Support Hand Draw

An important skill to have as a concealed carrier is the ability to draw your gun with the support-hand only.  Why, you might ask?  Well, your dominant hand might be injured or detained in some way, thus requiring you to draw and present the gun with the support hand only.  Sure, you might carry a second gun on the body that is accessible to the support hand, but most concealed carriers only carry a single gun, and being able to access it with either hand is an important skill.

One of several advantages offered by appendix carry is that accessing the gun with either hand is easier, although accessing the gun from strong-side with the support hand is still possible.

To access the gun from the appendix position with the support hand, clear the garment and withdraw the gun from the holster; now, you will be holding the gun upside-down in your hand, so you need to fix that.  One often taught method for doing this is to place the gun between your knees and squeeze it in place, then adjust your grip.  I don’t like that technique as it will not work if you are in motion.

Instead, the technique I use is to withdraw the gun and flip it around by pinning and spinning it against my abdomen. 


If you need to do this in the real world you will obviously embrace the danger as doing so is going to be less dangerous than letting an attacker kill you, but this technique can, indeed, be dangerous to perform, so do it only in dry fire.  I suggest only doing it in live fire under the supervision of a good instructor. 

See the Demo:

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