The Four Draws Part II: Single Hand Draw

Being able to deploy your handgun with only your dominant hand is a very important skill.  If you use a default draw stroke that utilizes the support hand to clear the cover garment, as is typically the case for appendix position carriers, you need to also work on a draw stroke that relies on only the dominant hand to clear the garment and access the gun.

There are a myriad of reasons why you may not have your support hand available to assist in the draw: it might be injured, it might be detained, or it might be carrying a child that you can’t safely drop to the pavement.  Whatever the case, drawing with only your primary hand is a fundamental skill. 

The single hand draw uses the dominant hand to clear the garment, then grip the gun.  To clear a closed front garment the method is similar whether carrying appendix or strong side: hook the garment with the fingers and lift it, then twist your hand so that the thumb comes below the shirttail, thus pinning it above the hand, and come down to the gun’s grip with the open hand. 

See the demo.  This is the single-hand draw:

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